Thyroid function test


  • Results within 24 hours

  • Blood draw included

If your thyroid isn't functioning correctly then you could be experiencing a range of symptoms that greatly impact your quality of life, such as fatigue, weight changes, trouble sleeping, anxiety, sensitivity to heat or cold to name just a few. Our thyroid function test provides a measure of thyroid stimulating hormone TSH. If your blood TSH levels are too low or too high then this gives a clear indication that your thyroid may not be functioning correctly . We understand that thyroid issues can be worrying and disruptive, that's why our team of dedicated healthcare professionals are determined to give you the best care possible. So if you are experiencing symptoms and would like to check your thyroid function, with results turned around quickly, this test is for you.  

What does the thyroid function test measure?

This thyroid test measures TSH levels in the blood. If your levels are too high or too low then this indicates that your thyroid isn’t functioning properly. If you do have a result that is outside the normal range then follow-up tests may also be required to ascertain why your thyroid isn’t function correctly.

What happens if I get an abnormal result?

Abnormal results can indicate an issue with the thyroid glands, low levels of the thyroid-producing hormone will cause hypothyroidism, and will change the way that the body processes fat, causing high cholesterol and a heart attack.

Whereas an overactive thyroid will be indicated by too high levels of the hormone, and can cause anxiety, mood swings, weight loss, heat sensitivity, and twitching.

Are there any risks or side effects to the test?

In most cases, there are no risks or significant side effects to taking a thyroid function test, the procedure to draw blood is quick and easy however some people may experience ,mild discomfort or pain, or may feel dizzy or faint, typically these are only temporary.

What can affect the results of thyroid function tests?

Many factors can impact the results of a thyroid function test, even the time of day you get tested will affect some parts of the end result, as thyroid levels tend to increase at night and lower in the day, other reasons include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Diet
  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Certain medications