Full well being blood test (FEMALE)


  • Results within 24 hours

  • Blood draw included

This blood test provides an measure of biomarkers within the blood which include Full blood count, Thyroid function test including- FT3 and FT4, Vitamin D, Anaemia, Cholesterol, Diabetes, C-reactive protein, Creatinine, Liver, Kidney and Heart function, HRT profile (FHS,Oestradiol,progesterone) One Free online GP appointment included with this test upon request.

What is the purpose of this test?

Our General Well-Being blood test is designed to be part of a routine health check or for use prior to starting any fitness regime, and changes in lifestyle, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the general health and wellbeing of your body. Because of the broad nature of the screen, it can aid in the early detection of health problems, better health management, and peace of mind.

How does this differ from the General Well-Being blood test?

This version of the General Well-Being blood test differs as it is designed to focus on the female body, whereas the General Well-Being blood test is for anyone regardless of gender, because of this it screens for parameters that could be of particular concern for women, such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Who should take this test?

This General Well-Being blood test is beneficial to any woman who may want to have a better understanding of their health and wellbeing at the current moment, it can help identify any concerns a person may be having about any particular area due to the broad nature of the test. It is especially helpful as a way to inform prior to changing diet, starting exercise, or any other type of lifestyle changes.

Do I have to prepare?

Unless you are directed to either temporarily halt medicine, or fast, before the test, then there is no need to prepare specifically for this test, however, it is important to stay hydrated before any blood sample is taken.