Diabetes test


  • Results within 24 hours

  • Blood draw included

Our Diabetes HbA1C test is used to detect Type 2 diabetes. Symptoms such as an increased need to urinate, feeling thirsty, feeling very tired and cuts taking longer to heal may be an indication of Type 2 diabetes. This test can also indicate your Pre- diabetic status and if you are at risk. We understand that the possibility of having type 2 diabetes can be worrying and stressful, that's why we're dedicated to giving the highest quality care as fast as possible. If you are experiencing symptoms and want a fast result then this test is for you.

What does a diabetes test measure?

HbA1C is otherwise known as glycated haemoglobin, it is the average blood glucose (sugar) levels within in the last two to three months, glycated haemoglobin is created when the glucose in your body attaches to red blood cells.

What happens if I have too much HbA1C?

High HbA1C levels increase the risk of complications to your health, particularly with heart disease and stroke, it can cause blindness, nerve damage, kidney, and gum disease.

Can I lower HbA1C levels?

Guidance will be given for more specific ways to lower HbA1C levels, other ways can include:

  • Being active, getting more exercise
  • Balanced diet
  • Stopping smoking

Are there any limitations to the test?

A variety of factors can limit the effectiveness of a diabetes test such as:

  • Early or late pregnancy
  • Blood loss
  • Short term illness
  • Certain medications

How should I prepare?

There is no need to prepare prior to taking this test, blood will be taken from a finger or a vein from your arm.