Clotting blood test


  • Results within 24 hours

  • Blood draw included

The clotting blood test provides a measure of coagulation time. Prothrombin is one of many proteins secreted by the liver that aids in the coagulation process. Prothrombin time (INR) testing measures the time it takes for coagulation to form (a clot to form) within the international normalised ratio. This test is commonly used to assess Warfarin effectiveness, diagnose unusual coagulation and severe bleeding, diagnose liver function abnormalities, and as a test to perform routine coagulation testing prior to surgery. This test can be purchased alongside the full blood count to provide a further information into the blood composition.

What is a clotting blood test?

Our Clotting Blood test is used to assess a wide variety of possible abnormalities regarding the blood’s ability to clot, the test assesses the Prothrombin which is one of many proteins created by the liver, aiding in the effectiveness of coagulation, this is done by testing the Prothrombin time (INR), which measures the time it takes for blood to begin coagulating.

What is the purpose of a Clotting Blood test?

As this test measures the bloods ability to clot, it can be taken for a variety of reasons, it can be used to deduce Warfarin effectiveness, and is beneficial as a way to monitor those that take medication that affects clotting.

The test can also test the risk of the following conditions that can cause coagulation problems, which include:

  • Liver disease
  • Thrombophilia – Excessive clotting
  • Haemophilia – Inability to clot

Do I need to prepare for this test?

The Clotting Blood test follows the same basic procedure as any other type of blood draw – usually from a vein, some medications may need to be halted temporarily prior to taking the test.